Spring Valley Las Vegas

Close to the strip and still in the action, Spring Valley offers family and fun with a big splash of oriental livelihood, Chinatown Plaza.

Spring Valley is a large unincorporated part of Clark County, west of the 15 and below Summerlin South. The large swath of flat land is home to bundles of stucco houses populating every block, with the occasional retail outlet popping up on the corner. You’ll also find plenty of celebrities here, living behind large gates that hide country clubs and palatial mansions.

Things to do in Spring Valley

These featured things to do here have you cooling off in the Vegas heat or even gathering with the family doing some flips on trampolines and BBQing with the fambam! This is what some of the Spring Valley area has to offer for you.

These are some of the featured things to do in Spring Valley Las Vegas:

  • FLIPnOUT Xtreme – FLIPnOUT Xtreme is the largest family fun center in the US. that has Laser Tag, trampolines, obstacle course, climbing, basketball, trampoline wall, bag grab, stunt jump and the only non-harnessed zip line in the country. Their customers love that they offer the all inclusive pass for such a wide variety of attractions for such a great price.


  • Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas – Wet’n’Wild Las Vegas is Nevada’s premier water park with more than 25 slides and attractions covering more than 20 acres, and a place for both thrill seekers and families.
    For the more daring, the park features the Rattler, the first slide of its kind in North America, and Constrictor, an extreme water slide featuring some of the tightest turns. Families and those desiring a more relaxing experience enjoy Paradise Falls, the interactive children’s area with kid friendly slides and a giant dumping bucket; Colorado Cooler lazy river; and Red Rock Bay wave pool.


  • Desert Breeze Park – This place is huge; there is a dog park, soccer field, and a roller hockey area. Also, if you want to cool off, they have a community pool with slides and all kinds of water fun.
    This also seems like a great place for a BBQ, picnic, or just to relax and read a book.

Las Vegas Chinatown Plaza is Close!

This Chinatown Plaza is great for good, healthy eats, china market, or sightseeing. Just located 10-15 minutes away from the strip, this is perfect to keep you in the action, but not really.

Not too far away is the amazing and exciting Chinatown Plaza!

Chinatown Plaza is the most exciting and fascinating neighborhood in Las Vegas. It is a colorful and unique Tong Dynasty architecture eclectic of Asian cultures and features Las Vegas’ largest concentration of Asian businesses to meet your every fancy.

Chinatown Plaza is not only a place for a journey, but it is also a place for everyone to enjoy Asian culture through the retail shops. The entire area serves as a small cultural exhibit, and signs scattered throughout contain factual information about Chinese art and history. Come and enjoy the many arts and crafts gift shops and the only Chinese bookstore in Nevada. You’ll also discover the largest Asian supermarket in the city a well stocked Chinese herb shop, high-quality bakery, plants shop, jade store, and many other retail stores that will make you feel like you’ve been in Asia. As a whole, Chinatown Plaza is a series of large shopping centers with ethnic Chinese and other pan-Asian businesses.

Once you have worked up your appetite from all the exploring or visiting, grab yourself an exquisite meal from one of the ten restaurants with authentic Asian cuisine. Try anything from Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese cuisine to various types of food, such as a platter of mouthwatering and scrumptious Hong Kong-style roast duck or succulent won ton noodles, a wonderful bowl of healthy Vietnamese pho noodle soup, fresh Japanese sushi, or a refreshing cup of cold Taiwanese boba tea on a scorching desert day.

Chinatown Plaza is a part of little China in your neighborhood. Don’t miss the opportunity to sample the exciting and entertaining Chinatown Plaza!